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Register for a Virtual Mobile Number in the Philippines

Choose the best SMS number to represent your business
<p>Register for a Virtual Mobile Number in the Philippines</p>

Virtual mobile numbers look like local mobile numbers that businesses use to communicate with customers.

Which Virtual Number is best for you?

Choose the best SMS number to represent your business

One Way Sender ID
  • SMS 2FA & SMS OTP icon
  • Confirmations icon
  • Verification icon
  • Testing icon
  • Internal Platforms Alerts & Communication icon
    Internal Platforms Alerts & Communication
Dedicated Virtual Numbers
  • Marketing icon
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  • Recruitment icon
  • Customer service icon
    Customer service
  • Donations & competitive industries icon
    Donations & competitive industries
Compare Virtual Number Options
Choose from a one way sender ID or dedicated mobile number
One Way Registered Sender ID Dedicated Virtual Numbers
Sample Number Alphanumeric Sender ID 917-XXX-XXXX, 918-XXX-XXXX, 999-XXX-XXXX
Monthly Cost Free to use Lease month to month with no contract
Cost per SMS ₱0.9 ₱1.5-2.5
SMS Keyword Limited keywords Unlimited keywords
2 Way SMS 𐄂 Receive SMS capability
Contact us at +63 2 8231 3564 or click here to discuss reseller pricing

Why do you need an A2P virtual number?

Access a enterprise SMS services
In order to access a professional A2P service with reliable enterprise solutions, you will need a virtual number.
Send text messages in bulk
If you are sending more than 100 SMS per day, it’s time to look at a professional service to help optimize your campaign delivery.
Track Performance
Unlock real-time analytics to help improve your SMS campaigns. Track deliveries, bounces, opt-outs, responses. You can also receive carrier level DLR’s through the platform or the SMS API.
Manage responses in bulk
If you need to manage responses in bulk, it’s time for a dedicated virtual mobile number. Track conversations in your dashboard, an SMS API callback, or through our email to SMS service.

Choose a number and
make a statement

Your number represents your mobile brand. If you are unsure with what to choose, we can help steer you in the right direction.