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SMS Marketing

Boost your bottom line with targeted sale alerts

When personalised, composed and timed correctly, sending a sale alert to your list members via SMS can be a powerful marketing tool. When people receive a text they expect a personal communication, so with Burst SMS we allow you to schedule campaigns, personalise each message and have built in SPAM compliance for free. We have full handset level delivery reporting as well.

14 day full access, no credit card required.

Build an opted in mobile list with a text to win campaign

Building and maintaining a list of clients and leads is the most effective way to generate continuous business. SMS keywords competitions are a simple way to allow people to opt-in to your lists as well as a powerful and immediate communication method. You can setup auto-responders to deliver your campaign. Deliver links or instructions with more keywords.

Keyword Competition Demo

Build a database and send info or coupons.

Testing a keyword to a longcode is a SPAM compliant way to get permission to send people a message. So a Text to WIN campaign is a great way to build your Database. Also an auto-response SMS can be sent with a coupon or other offer information

Try it.

Text WIN to
0459 333 444*

*Instant win. All entries get a prize. Text costs your standard message rate.

14 day full access, no credit card required.