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White Label Reseller SMS

Like our SMS platform? Rebrand it as your own!

With the Burst SMS reseller software, we make it easy for you to offer new services and create new revenue streams for your business. In just a few minutes you can fully re-brand our SMS platform as your own, and take a strong new initiative to clients. Our platform caters to a variety of different business models. Use our billing system or yours, charge a monthly fee or an SMS cost, sell a number of SMS credits or an amount of $ credit, its up to you.

Financial Overview

The Burst SMS client control panel is the command centre of your SMS services. Get a quick snapshot of your overall financial position or view monthly breakdowns of volume and spend.

Add Margin to Text Messages

Each clients pricing can be set individually. Just add your margin to text messages, numbers or keywords. Margin earned is added to your balance and can be withdrawn on request at any time.

Assign Credits or Bill Direct

Set up client accounts with their own credit card billing or you can assign a set number of SMS credits for them to use. SMS credits can be purchased at a low bulk rate and distributed.

Client Account Control

You can log into client accounts directly from your reseller client control panel. This is very useful for trouble shooting and training. It can also be used to manage client account actions.

Full White Label

It's as simple as entering your company name & custom subdomain. Then uploading a logo and choose a colour and you are done in under 2 mins. You can also build the login page into your own assets.

Virtual Numbers and Keyword Sales

You can allow clients to purchase virual numbers and add a monthly margin. You can also purchase numbers yourself and sell individual keywords for a monthly fee.

Reseller Profit Calculator

SMS Price

Number of Clients

Average Monthly SMS Per Client

Monthly Profit


Based on $49p/m and 6.9c SMS

14 day full access, no credit card required.