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Email to SMS

Send and receive SMS via an interface you already know. Email.

Sending an SMS using our Email SMS system is as simple as composing an email. All you do is send the email to the mobile number @transmitsms.com. eg 0438333061@transmitsms.com. You can overide the caller ID using the subject line or leave it blank to get responses back to email via our free shared numbers. As you send messages both ways you can see the conversation build in your email. You can also set optional email delivery reports.

14 day full access, no credit card required.

2 Way SMS, Done The Right Way

The SMS conversation builds in your email. Each message and response displays as you converse. When complete you will have a complete record of the dialogue in one email.

Delivery, Delay & Bounce Reports

Optional email reports will let you know when the message has been delivered to your recipients phone. They can also be set to let you know if messages have been delayed due to the handset being off, out of range or disconnected number.

Receive SMS Enquiries to Email

If you have a dedicated virtual number you can receive and respond to SMS enquiries diretly via email. You can advertise the number in ads or on billboards and get an email and engage the prospect immediately.

An Interface You Already Know

With Email SMS there is no need to learn anything new. It’s as simple as sending an email. You can even send to multiple recipients at the same time and receive individual responses that become one-on-one chats.

Authorising Email Addresses

Our online Email SMS panel allows you to authorise only certain email addresses using your account. It can also be used to restrict the number of characters allowed per text message and to set reporting levels.


If you are a developer or have a CRM that supports Email SMS, you might like our support for X-Header. This allows you to send all messages to a single email address and set the recipient and message as parameters in the body of the email.

14 day full access, no credit card required.