Dedicated Short Codes

A number that people will remember with ease

Dedicated Short Codes

Short codes are easy to remember 4-6 digit virtual numbers that allow you to send at the highest messaging volume and throughput.

You will often see these numbers associated with large-scale marketing campaigns, enterprise companies, competitions, or to raise awareness. Short code texting is expensive, but it allows your business to send at faster speeds and without a daily limit.
A short code offers a unique set of enterprise solutions for bulk A2P messaging. image

Why choose a short code?

A short code offers a unique set of enterprise solutions for bulk A2P messaging.

Due to the enterprise focus and high cost, this option is not for everyone. You should only apply for short code messaging if your business needs any of the following:

1) 4-6 digit easy to remember mobile number
2) High speed delivery for time-sensitive messages
3) Ability to send or receive over 150k SMS per day

Dedicated vs Shared Short Codes image
Dedicated vs Shared Short Codes

Previously businesses had the option of choosing between a dedicated or shared short code. Shared short codes offered businesses looking to take advantage of the benefits of a short code, at a much lower cost. American carriers have however completely phased out shared short codes as of June 1 2021, to combat spam and fraud. Dedicated short codes are now the only option for businesses looking to unlock the full capabilities of bulk SMS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are short codes so expensive?

A toll-free number is 8 digits long, and a 10DLC is 10 digits long which allows for more number combinations. In addition to short codes simply being more rare, carriers have also made the barrier to entry for these numbers quite exclusive as well. Since you can do more at a much faster rate with a short code, the approval process takes significantly longer as carriers need to ensure that you are using it appropriately.

How long do you have to lease a dedicated short code?
Due to the initial set-up cost, it’s recommended that you keep your short code for at least a year to get a gauge on how successful it is to your business or organization. That being said, the minimum requirement would be one month.
How long does it take to register a short code?
The standard short code takes 6-8 weeks to go through the registration process. Since short codes allow businesses to send a limitless amount of messages at the highest throughputs available - carriers need to ensure that you are using your number correctly.
Do keywords work with short codes?
Yes, all dedicated numbers have the ability to send keywords. In fact short codes are known to be the preferred number type when a significant number of responses need to be counted. You will find prompts to text-in with a keyword to large scale events such as America’s Got Talent and Dancing with the Stars, disaster relief funds, or political campaigns.

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