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UX Researcher


Hello, are you passionate about customer research and delivering outstanding customer experiences?

We’re looking for a laser focused UX researcher with a strong understanding and proven ability of customer experience and UX design to become the glue in our product strategy and roadmap.

Reporting to the Design Manager, you will be working with Product Managers, Engineers, Marketing, Sales, Other Designers and Quality Assurance to develop our product story. You will, through conducting end-to-end research, enrich our understanding of our users (current and future), their needs and the opportunity this “uncovers”. You will be part of a team that delivers innovative solutions that allow our customers to communicate effectively with their customers at scale!

This is a role for someone who is analytical, empathetic and a creative problem solver. Someone who relishes in creating exceptional customer and user experiences and aspires to demonstrate excellence in their field.

Who We Are

Our mission is to make business more human. We are one of the fastest-growing technology companies in Australia and a global messaging provider that enables businesses to build long-term relationships with customers through the power of conversation. We pride ourselves on providing an easy-to-use online messaging platform focusing on SMS marketing, improving CX, AI messaging, advanced SMS API solutions, and developing new mobile messaging innovations. We have offices in Sydney, Manila, and Vancouver.

Challenges you will solve

  • Scale our research efforts from about a dozen sessions a quarter to over a dozen sessions a month so we can ground more decisions in data rather than just opinions, without slowing down.
  • Developing a unified customer experience and bringing together each of the cross functional teams under one unifying customer story
  • Delivering insights and discoveries to the teams at relevant times within the delivery schedule ensuring that research requirements are utilised and support decision making within the sprint cycles
  • Increasing customer engagement and participation to support research activities by working with Customer Success and Marketing to ensure that we maximise customer touchpoints
  • Identifying potential commercial opportunity for new features through data and to support prioritisation of the roadmap
  • Working with the data team to develop a comprehensive UX analytics dashboard to support delivery team decision making

What could this look like day-to-day?

  • Managing the BurstSMS “Early Adopters Program (EAP)” to support growing our research practices and building closer relationships with customers through discovery interviews, observation sessions, surveys and online experiments to enhance our understanding of our users, their needs and potential opportunity for future development of our products
  • Collecting and analyzing user behavior through working with our data team to provide analytics requirements that ensure we are tracking the right type of metrics for the right business outcomes
  • Documentation of research such as designing and delivering research reports for internal stakeholders, developing user personas, journey maps, produce designs such as wireframes and prototypes for testing
  • Evangelising and advocating research findings to the business and teams through written reports and in-person presentations

Skills, Experience and Qualities

Unlike other companies who require a certain number of years experience or certain degrees we don’t think age and education have a causal relationship with your potential for success. Here is what we value instead:

  • Curious observing: You are someone to help us grow and support innovation for our product with your empathic and inquisitive nature to understand our users. To be able to identify and understand the questions we need to answer and work to take our product strategy and execution to the next level
  • Passionate problem solving: You are able to educate and inform the team through data to fill the assumption gap. Turning insights into coherent and authentic user experience stories through your fluency in user-centered design research practices and solid ability in user experience design
  • Inspiring communication: You are able to create a common user story for our product solution. Getting everyone in a product company aligned with the same vision and goals can be a challenge. Therefore we are looking for someone who is able to work collaboratively to effectively present and communicate insights and research which drive informed decision-making to create an alignment of relevant teams and stakeholders
  • Open and authentic collaboration: You are compassionate and have empathy not only for the users but also for your colleagues. You feel comfortable speaking up with openness and authenticity while honouring your colleagues. We all walk to the beat of our own drum and tolerance for diversity in all ways accelerates business and personal growth and success

Company Culture

We are curious individuals who believe in five core mindsets:

  • Think with empathy
  • Bring your secret sauce
  • Break stuff until it work
  • Simplify everything
  • Ship it real good

Every person is respected as a valuable contributor no matter their role. We always try to help our clients and each other in the most responsive way possible. We listen to feedback and action good ideas. We embrace new technology and are not afraid to implement change.

And in case you’re wondering what sort of tools we work with, we utilise a modern stack including GSuite, Asana, Confluence, Zoom and many others that enable working from home effortlessly.

Opportunity and Benefits

You will be part of a global team, which has helped Burst SMS become one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the Asia-Pacific. You will be reporting to inclusive managers who use an open-minded agile approach. Your voice will be heard, and you will have the opportunity to grow and make impactful decisions.

You will be working with and alongside the founders of the business, and you will be part of a dynamic and innovative company within a high growth industry. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and are committed to cultivating diversity in our teams. We recognise that the best ideas come from allowing the unique background, skills and personality of the individual to shine through.

The company also has a generous ESOP that all staff benefit from - we all succeed together.

Our Response to COVID-19

We take a very proactive response to COVID-19, with all staff working remotely from home. Hygiene protocols are in place throughout the building and office if there is a need to attend. Our company’s systems and processes are set in such a manner that there should be no limitations to your productivity when working from home. We are in constant communication globally and have cultural initiatives in place to help ensure you do not feel isolated from your team and or other departments. Albeit a trying time, we have taken this opportunity to recreate what a new world of working may look like and we invite you to help shape and build upon this vision with us.

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